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Cottage front doors

Front doors in a cottage style look playful, cosy and have a nostalgic flair. Their rustic charm bring a sense of calm that many are sure to appreciate. It’s no surprise that the charming, rustic cottage style has become ever more popular in the last couple of years. Choose from Pirnar’s sizeable range of premium models that are expertly handcrafted in sophisticated designs.


What does a typical cottage style front door look like?

Their classic look entails a glazing bar frame or door infills in a coffer style. Delicate relief applications, curved brass handles or playful glass elements with ornamented glass are also typical for cottage front doors. All features at a glance:

  • glazing bar pattern
  • coffer door look
  • delicate details
  • curved door handles
  • sophisticated glass elements

Cottage styled front doors

Classic cottage
style doors

Also, materials and colours are used to define the typical cottage look. Classic cottage style doors are made of wood which looks and feels warm and cosy. The unique grains of the different types of wood add to the charm. 

Cottage style doors come in different looks, whether in a classic wood design or modern aluminium, traditionally green or timeless white or grey. 

Various materials for cottage front doors

Your home is a mirror of your taste – on the inside and outside. It comes to life through your furniture, the colour of your sofa, your decoration as well as your choice of a front door. A cottage door is perfect for fans of country-style architecture.

The country-style architecture

The country-style architecture looks impressive, cosy, and warm at the same time. We recommend using natural wood or robust aluminium to create your quaint cottage style door, as each of these materials has its own distinct benefits. Other manufacturers use PVC because it’s cheaper, but we feel PVC doors lack in quality.

Country style cottage doors

Wooden doors in a cottage style

Wood is the first choice for an exterior door in a traditional cottage style. It is an absolute classic and it’s the perfect fit for traditional cottages. Wooden doors made of oak or larch, have unique grains and appear especially quaint and cosy. Various glazes and varnishes help turn the natural material into a real eyecatcher.

Additionally, wood has strong inherent thermal insulation properties. You are sure to save money on heating with a wooden cottage front door due to its efficient insulating properties.

Wooden cottage colorful entrances

Cottage style aluminium front doors

Country style aluminium doors are perfect for anyone looking for stability, lightness, and reliable anti-burglary protection. You can easily design a modern aluminium door in various colours and decors to create a traditional look – just like a wooden door.

We use a powder coating technique to colour our aluminium doors. You can choose any colour on the RAL colour chart, whether you prefer brown, green or any other colour that looks good on wood. Additionally, you can use glass inserts with glazing bars to create a modern aluminium door leaf that has a charming cottage style.

Cottage green doors

Which types of glass elements can be added to a front door?

Plenty of natural light in your home’s entrance area is always nice. By using lavish glass elements, you can effortlessly bring natural light into your home, creating a cosy atmosphere. Cottage external doors with one or two sidelights and maybe even an additional transom light is the way to go if you want natural light. Give your entrance a light, nostalgic flair by using extravagant ornamented glass.

Glass elements in cottage doors


A wide range of RAL colours for your cottage entrance

Whether it’s made of aluminium or wood, you can have any entry door styled in a cottage look by choosing a fitting colour.

Colour choice for your cottage front door
Single-family homes with traditional glazing bar windows and a red-ish brick front are ideal if you have a white front door. It’s classic and elegant. Make it the highlight of your house with a curved profile and delicate glazing bars. A white door is also the perfect addition to most country homes with a darker house facade.

Green front doors are an ideal fit for half-timber or old houses. Darker greens are particularly popular for country homes because they represent tradition and a connectedness to nature.

You have complete control over all elements and details of your new Pirnar front door – from fittings, hinges, and the door filling to handles and more.

Grey or anthracite grey cottage front doors are more modern-looking, timeless designs. They have a contemporary charm while keeping their rustic character with glazing bars and decorative glass elements. Pick any colour from our wide range, i.e., RAL 7016, and design your dream door.

You can also choose a modern design aesthetic using aluminium when designing your cottage dream door. Apply rustic wood decors or a traditional green powder coating to transform the cool material into an impressive modern door.

Cottage entrances in different colours Bespoke
cottage style entrance

With or without glazing bars, a unique coffer look or decorative glass elements – you have various options for designing your new cottage entry door. Use our comprehensive online configurator to decide on the colour, shape, measurements, and additional security features of your Pirnar door. We guarantee the highest quality and impressive designs for your new cottage style entrance.

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