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Certification of front doors
Since 1 February 2010, all windows and entrance door products, falling within the scope of the EN 14351-1 standard, must be CE marked before they go on sale. If the manufacturer wishes to obtain the CE mark, they must have the properties of their products tested at approved institutions.
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Modern ideas for your home
When it comes to remodelling and renovating your home, it is always wise to find out what is popular and what is in trend. Some trends are new, while others are on the way to quickly adapting to more modern times.
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What is the future of smart homes?
Most people today already know the concept and meaning of smart devices and that is why we will present you with more details about what this means for the future of living.
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What impression do your entry doors give, and what do they say about you?
The exterior doors are one of the first impressions you will make as the owner of your home, so equip your home with uncompromisingly designed Pirnar front doors.
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Passive house or low-energy construction. What is the home of the future?
Today, there are many passive and new low-energy buildings that provide the owner with a higher level of comfort and durability of the materials. What is the future of trends of homes?
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How to choose the right entrance for your home?
Which material to choose - aluminium or wood? Which style do you prefer - modern elegance or a touch of tradition? Have you considered the quality, insulation and security of the entry door? It is often difficult to gather important information in the sea of different providers.
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