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Rustic front doors

Entrances with a touch of the past are a wonderful complement to many an architectural style.


Entrances inspired by nature

When renovating an old house or building a new one, rustic style lovers can bring rough material elements, such as untreated wood, into their home. Rusticity is all about simplicity, which is typical of natural environments. This is reflected in the wide choice of colours and fine details. At Pirnar, we conjure it up with a distinctive design and a touch of noble tradition, dressed either in wood or in aluminium. Yes, you can give your home a traditional touch with aluminium too.

Rustic green doors


Small details create the perfect rustic entrance

With this style, we pay a lot of attention to ensuring that the door is harmonious with the overall look, so accessories are particularly important. Accessories that are perfectly suitable for a wooden house may be completely unsuitable in a Provençal, Mediterranean or urban style home. The rustic style is also characterised by rich, yet very thoughtful interior decoration. We have selected some typical additional elements for you to create a truly rustic door.

Stained glass

Stained glass is a very common choice when designing a rustic door, as the floral motifs enhance its essential qualities. When it catches the sun, a beautiful array of a thousand colours will flood your entrance and your door will fulfil its purpose. Specially treated coloured glass in a variety of warm colours and motifs creates stunning stained glass windows, which our craftsmen still make by hand.

Stained glass designed

Rich ornamentation

The rustic style is characterised by rich decoration with different patterns, which is particularly evident in carved wood doors. At Pirnar, we see such doors as a fusion of modernity and noble tradition. Individual design accents can be used to create a country look or to bring a touch of homeliness to the modern style of wooden models.

Special style ornamentation

Classic metal knockers

Metal knockers remain a popular choice for rustic doors. They evoke the past and make us nostalgic for the good old days, while elegantly accentuating the overall look of a wooden or aluminium entrance.

Metal knockers for rustic entry doors

Solid handles and pulls

Traditional solid handles work well on rustic doors, but don't think that this is the only ideal solution. Modern handles and pulls also look great on a classic front door, adding a touch of modernity with individual elements and making your entrance unique.

Handles and pulls for rustic entries

Decorative details

Decorative details are an important element of the interior design of a classic rustic house. Fresh flowers from the garden adorning the dining table, chests of drawers or other furniture play a very important role. So do ceramic jugs, plates and vases, which should be an integral part of the kitchen furnishings. Brass pans or coffee cups can be hung on the wall.

Rustic decorative details


See a selection of the most beautiful rustic front doors

At Pirnar, we value tradition and incorporate it into our designs, making sure we respect all its laws. We are particularly proud of these front doors, which are available in three types of wood and in aluminium. We have put together a gallery of the most beautiful wooden and aluminium rustic entrances for you.

  • Classico 3270 wooden door
  • Classico 3280 wooden door
  • Classico wooden door 3340
  • Classico wooden door 3210
  • Classico wooden door 3050
  • Classico wooden door 3141
  • Classico wooden door 3142
  • Classico wooden door 3170
  • Classico wooden door 3181
  • Classico wooden door 3200
  • Classico wooden door 3240
  • Classico wooden door 3300
  • Classico wooden door 3310
  • Classico wooden door 3320
  • Classico wooden door 3330
  • Rustic door Classico 3270
  • Rustic door Classico 3290

Wooden front doors

Wooden rustic doors are available in three types of solid wood: oak, spruce and larch. With its natural characteristics, knots and ring patterns, each wooden model gives your entrance a unique look.


  • Classico door 3031
  • Alu door Classico 3170
  • Alu door Classico 3181
  • Alu door Classico 3270
  • Alu door Classico 3280
  • Alu door Classico 3300
  • Aluminium Classico 3320
  • Classico 3142 alu door
  • Classico alu door 3050
  • Classico alu door 3200
  • Classico door 3290
  • Classico door 3340
  • Classico door 3330
  • Rustic Classico 3141
  • Rustic Classico 3300
  • Rustic Classico 3270
  • Door Classico 3240

Aluminium front doors

The advantage of aluminium rustic doors is a wide range of finishes. Aluminium allows you to choose from a wide variety of colour shades, with white, dark green, wine red and wood decor colours being the most desirable in the rustic style.


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