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Modern front doors

Modern front door design that matches the sophisticated style of your home. Never miss an opportunity to make an impressive first impression with your home. Configure your dream entrance in Pirnar doors configurator.


Take a look at the most beautiful modern Pirnar entrances

The modern entrance door is characterised by modern design, the latest technology, endless play with glass, additional LED lighting, toying with light and unique decoration. At Pirnar, we pride ourselves on creating the most modern entrance doors to suit all architectural styles. We make them in combination with different materials that together create a uniquely refined entrance to your home.

  • Model Ultimum Pure 635
  • Model Multilevel 523a
  • Model Multilevel 524
  • Model Multilevel 527a
  • Model Premium 6018
  • Model Ultimum Pure 617
  • Model Ultimum Pure 624
  • Model Ultimum Pure 624a
  • Model Ultimum Pure 627a
  • Model Ultimum Pure 637
  • Model Ultimum Pure 638
  • Model Ultimum Pure 506a

Modern aluminium entrance doors

Aluminium is synonymous with what is modern, contemporary and minimalist. With countless finishing options, you can create a modern external door in different sizes and combinations or enhance it with other materials. And do not forget the latest technology either.

  • Wooden front door - 637
  • Wooden front door 0100
  • Model Premium 0160
  • Model Premium 1641
  • Model Premium 1850
  • Model Premium 1860
  • Model Ultimum Pure 607
  • Model Premium 1110
  • Model Ultimum Pure 614
  • Model Premium 6005

Elegant front doors made of wood

Do not think that wooden house entrances are only suited to classical or traditional houses. Wood is a versatile natural material that can be treated in extraordinary ways and combined with various decorative elements that allow you to create a truly modern house.

  • Model Premium 0180
  • Model Optimum 8150
  • Model Premium 1841
  • Model Premium 1970
  • Model Premium 6019
  • Premium model in aluminium or wooden form
  • Model Premium 1882
  • Model Premium doors

Timeless modernity in a combination of aluminium and wood

The warmth of wood can be subtly combined with cold aluminium. The result is a modern external door made of aluminium and wood that come together to create an inspiring, modern entrance. Before you enter, you are greeted by the uncompromising strength and solidity of aluminium or indulged by the nobility of wood.


Design yourself an elegant, modern entrance door

With a modern entrance door, you can breathe an impression of grandeur and minimalist elegance into your home. But what accessories really make a modern and aesthetically pleasing exterior door? Regardless of whether you choose an aluminium or a wooden door, you can use both with select unique accessories in the most modern architectural stories.

Modern doors with glass

Glass is a beautiful detail that, in the right finish, adds that extra touch of modernity and elegance. It allows for many magical finishes – sandblasting, frosting, creating patterns and motifs, engraving or creating stained glass. A sense of monumentality can also be created by using side or top lighting, bringing a rich source of natural light into the home.

Glass is a beautiful detail

The sophistication of cover glass

Cover glass transforms every entrance door into something that goes beyond the aesthetics of the prestigious. At Pirnar, modern Pure aluminium doors with clean surfaces are complemented by astonishing black matte or glossy cover glass in various patterns. The cleverly crafted glass adds a touch of minimalism and futurism to the door and is simply indispensable when combined with the latest technology.

Cover glass in various patterns

Modern oak exterior door

Solid oak can be treated in a variety of ways, making it a great choice for modern front doors. Its structure, colour and durability give it a touch of timelessness and make it a wonderful choice for modern doors with state-of-the-art treatment and incorporation of technology.

Oak - a great choice for modern front doors

Doors in extraordinary dimensions and sizes

Double-leaf and larger-than-average entrance doors are suitable for anyone planning a modern house with a wide, open entrance. This way, they offer a stunning view into the interior and work best when they lead onto a larger terrace, entrance area or conservatory. At Pirnar we offer standard and average sized external doors along with extraordinary sizes of your entrance. 

Double-leaf entrance doors

Doors with state-of-the-art technology

The modern entrance door is perfectly complemented by Pirnar's technological innovations, such as the automatic immersive OneTouch retractable handle, which glows discreetly and stands out elegantly when the fingerprint scanner is touched.

Technological innovations

Award-winning modern design

Modern entrance doors are also characterised by a sense of audaciousness and a dynamic surface. With Pirnar's line of modern Multilevel doors, we move from the confined plane into the world of three-dimensionality in various forms. We create a touch of modernity with the handiwork of experienced masters.

Award-winning modern designs

Sophisticated black

Black has always been synonymous with timeless elegance, prestige and minimalism. It is no different on a door. At Pirnar, we add aesthetic value to the entrance door with the special series of Nero Edition handles, whereby the black can also be beautifully combined with LED lighting, black cover glass or aluminium.

Black - timeless elegance

Modern handles with lettering

Handles are the central decorative element of your door and at Pirnar, we create innovations that you can use to make into modern doors. You can add crystal glass details to the metal handles, highlight them with LED lighting or even inscribe your name or favourite thoughts on them.

Handles with details


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