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Pirnar Nero Edition

A collection of sophisticated accessories for front doors in aesthetic black.


Dramatic entrance doors

At Pirnar, we are excited about the latest innovation, the Nero Edition. The collection consists of sophisticated front door accessories in black that express confidence, maturity and authority while being dramatic, elegant and bold. Why bold? Because the use of black in design and architecture requires special skills and a trained eye. Used correctly and executed professionally, we can change the look of any ambience, entrance or building in a spectacular way. Watch the video.

Pirnar Nero Edition video

Unique accessories as design excesses

Pirnar's master craftsmen have once again succeeded in creating a groundbreaking design. In addition, they have finished the door pulls and handles, protective trims and keyless locks with a sophisticated black paint finish that gives them a touch of timelessness.

LabeLux Nero Edition pull handle

The door handles of the Nero Edition aesthetically accentuate the appearance of the entire entrance area. Of particular note is the famous, award-winning LabeLux door handle, which required exceptional precision due to the complexity of the product in the black finish. Hours of precision metalworking with fine polishing have produced a unique result that adorns the front door of the owners of the most modern front doors and homes.

LabeLux Nero Edition

Nero Edition handles

We have added a touch of elegance to the handles of the Nero Edition. They are particularly dazzling when illuminated with Pirnar's stunning LUX lighting. MagmaLux gives the handles an extremely dynamic look, while the discreet backlighting of the handle provides a subtle decorative addition.

Nero Edition handles

Nero Edition protective and decorative trims

The trims are also available in timeless black. As a complement to the door pulls and handles, they dramatically emphasise the appearance of the entire entrance area and look particularly spectacular with light-coloured front doors and wood decors.

Protective trims - Nero Edition


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