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Modern ideas for your home

When it comes to remodelling and renovating your home, it is always wise to find out what is popular and what is in trend. Some trends are new, while others are on the way to quickly adapting to more modern times.

Best ideas for your home to look more trendy | Pirnar

 If you haven’t renovated your home in a while, a surprise can await you. Technologies have advanced and improved. Nowadays, you can afford better and more modern technology at affordable prices. Most newer, and luxury, homes are based on trends from websites such as Pinterest and Instagram. Some trends are new, while others are on the way to quickly adapting to more modern times. Here you can take a look at the hottest trends of the moment, which will turn your home into a unique and luxurious place to live.

Open floor plans

This trend has been around for many years. Home buyers look for open plan housing during the purchase process, or check which walls are load-bearing and what they can demolish to create an open and bright living space. Open concept plans have many advantages. Not only does your space look bigger, most often the kitchen space opens into the living room, even if it means removing the dining room. In this way the kitchen and the dining room become part of the living space where you can cook and entertain your guests and family at the same time. In addition, open floor plans allow more light into the home and allow you more flexibility in the space for furniture, adding a kitchen island and more seating areas.

Let the sun shine through your windows

During the day, we all love natural light, so most customers want large windows that let in a lot of natural light and allow a view of the landscape outside. Replacing old windows is the first thing most buyers do in their homes, as most newer windows are more energy efficient, which means you will save money and energy. With larger windows, we get more light and white frames will bring an updated and completely new look to your space. When renovating an apartment or a house, we often use various forms of ambient lighting, such as cabinet illuminations, lighting in children's rooms and hanging lights, which add style and personality to the space. Ambient lighting is especially popular in kitchens, entrances, dining rooms and living rooms. You can think of different styles, from rustic lights to super modern and contemporary lighting. The possibilities are endless. A nice little side benefit is that modern lights are more efficient and longer lasting than halogen or fluorescent bulbs.

Master bedroom in the shape of an apartment

The master bedroom has truly become a sanctuary, especially among buyers of luxury homes. The suite, as we call it, includes a larger and luxurious bathroom, large custom-made cabinets or wardrobes, a larger main room with a magnificent bed and often an additional room that can be used as an office or exercise room. Such apartments, of course, are not just for new constructions and luxury housing. With a little effort, everyone can set up their own private wellness area.

Innovations for smart homes

Appliances and homes are getting smarter and smarter. We have already seen refrigerators that will alert you when you run out of certain products, coffee machines can be programmed to get your coffee ready when you wake up, lighting and heating systems can be programmed to adjust to the time of the day and you can run them with smartphones and tablets. And of course, more and more people are using artificial intelligence to make their daily chores easier. By upgrading your home with artificial intelligence, you will take a step closer to the future.

Larger kitchens for true gourmets

Kitchens are getting bigger and often represent a central part of the home. This is a key place for family and guests, so homeowners make this space as homely and versatile as possible. Most people prefer open floor plans, which allow the installation of kitchen islands where we can hang out. Most modern kitchens boast higher-end appliances, larger sinks made of modern materials, and easier access to water. Kitchen islands have become more common and larger, with storage areas without door handles and marble and stone elements. White cabinets are very popular, but we can also see an increase in shades of grey, and brushed nickel and stainless steel are still very popular.

Universal design solutions for all generations

An increasing preference is given to the so-called multigenerational lifestyle, as grandparents often move in to help raise grandchildren or because it is sometimes necessary to care for an aging person in need of help. This universal design of the home means the widening of hallways and doors so that they are more easily accessible by a wheelchair or a walker, it is also easier to enter and exit bathrooms and showers, we often find seating areas inside showers, even flat floors throughout the house. Sometimes, in larger homes, spaces can be partitioned off and a fully equipped two-apartment unit can be created.

Higher ceilings with different treatments

This is a really fun and interesting trend that can add personality to your home without much effort and design. In rooms with higher ceilings we can see more and more interesting and diverse ceiling treatments. Sometimes this is as simple as adding exposed beams and wooden accessories. Sometimes builders add suspended and vaulted ceilings. It’s amazing what can be accomplished with projects like this and how this often overlooked area can add something special to your space.

Rustic decor

What is old is new again, rustic and rural decor have regained their space in our homes. This style is not for everyone, but for those who love it, it is more than just a style of decor, it can become a way of life. The modern style of a farmhouse includes bright, neutral and soothing colors of white, grey, light blue and grey shades. We have noticed upgraded, rearranged and unusual combinations of light fittings, wall decor, coffee tables and various accessories.

Cold colors, especially grey, navy and other shades of blue

Yes, grey still remains the most popular wall color. Grey with a combination of beige predominates in wall palettes as they are so neutral and allow for a wide range of different decorations and color additions. Grey combines well with dark hardwood floors as well as washed-white and even brown and light floors. The new popular color is navy themed with shades of grey. It is great especially as an accent in accessories such as pillows, chairs and cabinets. You can play with it and add some color depth to the room without making the room look too small or dark.

Deeply colored accents on the walls

Painting the walls is one of the easiest ways where you can let your imagination run wild. Accented walls are a great way to add a new dimension to a space. Dramatic colors on the walls with an emphasis on dark grey and navy blue or even black create a global illusion, so we get the feeling that the wall has been pushed back into space. Changing the colors of the walls is fun and easy, so you can renew the colors every few years, keeping up with the times. There is an increasing use of various mosaic patterns in small spaces such as kitchen niches or smaller hallways and loggias. The most popular shapes are hexagons, harlequin diamonds and Moroccan tile shapes. You can observe them in tiles, wallpapers, carpets, pillows and window treatments.

Hardwood or wood flooring

Hardwood or imitation wood flooring is still the most popular. The two most popular choices are wood panels or vinyl flooring. In terms of colors, dark floors are by far the most popular. The tones are darker and browner, so they deviate greatly from the red undertones. They are followed by very light hardwood floors, especially pale and lighter tones that turn slightly yellow over time. Among the painted floor coverings, the most popular are light tones, such as white and grey in a satin or matte finish.

Minimalism and clean lines

The term "less is more" certainly applies to design and interiors. In modern houses, the trend strives for simplicity and streamlined designs. In the kitchen this sometimes means removing the top cabinets in some areas to provide more space and light. Even in joinery, cleaner lines and less complex designs are preferred. Aluminium front doors of the Pure collection are an example of front doors where the elements are immersed in a uniform plane, without redundant edges and frames. They are intended for those who appreciate the perfection of details. They are available in different combinations of materials and finishes. The frosted glass surface gives the impression of complete elegance, while wooden front doors made from oak wood create a feeling of softness and are a blend of modern minimalism and the warmth of nature.

We want to help you achieve the perfect living conditions. You can start with the front doors that will not only be aesthetically perfect but will also take care of the safety of your family. Visit us in our showrooms or order a free drawing. Our consultants will be happy to help you.

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