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Spruce doors

A versatile door for a state-of-the-art home or a traditional house.


A front entrance in spruce for all architectural styles of houses

The spruce front doors from Pirnar retain their characteristic wood structure and colour, whereas the colour doors palette is greatly expanded in combination with aluminium elements. This model goes very well with the natural tones of other fittings or light-coloured floor coverings. Wood is an excellent choice for any series of Pirnar entrance doors as it provides a base that can be enhanced in a classic or modern way.

Door frames made of plywood

The heart of any good door is a sturdy frame. Spruce frames are made of laminated plywood, which has a higher load-bearing capacity compared to solid wood doors, it offers high fire safety and remains stable in varying dimensions.

Spruce frames

Harmonious knot holes for a more natural look

The natural characteristics of the tree trunk create a lively structure with tree knots of different size, direction and quantity. This gives the models an even more natural appearance.

Spruce wood - natural look

Density of spruce wood

The density of spruce wood is low to medium with a low level of elasticity. At the same time, the wood is very soft. Spruce wood is well suited for mechanical processing and turning. Very smooth surfaces can be obtained with machining.

Spruce wood is very soft

Warmth of spruce

Spruce bark is resinous reddish-brown and very coarse, and spruce wood is yellowish-white to yellowish-brown. The wood features visible edges in its rings, with a gradual progression from young to old wood. When scratched, the wood shines like silk, it smells of resin and resin deposits often appear.

Spruce wood is yellowish-white to yellowish-brown


See a selection of the most beautiful spruce wood models

Spruce wood is also perfectly complemented by cold aluminium. The simple processing at Pirnar, in combination with aluminium, creates state-of-the-art entrances with exceptional design, but also beautiful traditional exterior entrances that evoke a feeling of homeliness and timelessness.

Take a look at the best pick of Pirnar models in versatile spruce.

  • Spruce Model Premium 1010
  • Spruce Model Premium 0180
  • Spruce Model Premium 1031
  • Spruce Model Premium 1970
  • Spruce Model Premium 2521
  • Spruce Model Premium 6016


Rich choice of colours and surface treatments

Spruce is the best known and most popular choice for windows and doors because it is soft and flexible. The tree rings are usually quite distinctive and evenly distributed over the entire surface. At Pirnar, we offer a rich selection of glazes and finishes.

    • Pirnar spruce front door 615
    • Spruce front door 615 Pure
    • Spruce front door Pure 615
    • Spruce front door Ultimum Pure 615

    Glazes are resistant to non-abrasive cleaning agents and chemicals and are easy to renovate. Despite the coatings, the wood gradually releases the moisture it binds back into the environment. This means that the coatings do not crack or peel despite large temperature fluctuations. They offer improved protection, but it should be noted that they also mask the natural appearance of the wood more.

    Exterior view of the entrance:

    • F110
    • F120
    • F130
    • F140

    Interior view of the entrance:

    • White F101
    • Natural F103

NOTE: The colours are symbolic and differ from the actual shades due to screen particularities. Always match the final shade with a valid colour chart.


  • Wooden front doors
  • Wood of highest quality
  • Wonderful aesthetic
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Modern architecture

Own superior production of wooden doors

At Pirnar we pride ourselves on carrying out the entire manufacturing process in our own production facility. We have adapted all processes for our use, which guarantees the highest quality, a more beautiful appearance and shorter delivery times. We supply all wood from different parts of Europe and work with the most recognised and highest quality European suppliers.

  • European wood
  • Highest quality
  • Improved appearance
  • Shorter delivery time


What are the advantages of wooden front doors made of spruce?

  • Optimum insulative properties

    Entrance doors made of wood have optimal insulative properties for sound and heat. Solid wood in itself provides very good sound and heat insulation. Pirnar's design models are further refined by the addition of various insulating materials.


  • Environmentally friendly

    Wooden entrances are sustainable because they have a minimal impact on the environment during manufacture and use, and wood is also an important renewable raw material. They can be effectively renovated and maintained.

  • Higher quality of living

    As wood is a hypoallergenic material, choosing this entrance door has a positive effect on the human respiratory system, increases the quality of living and effectively regulates the humidity in living spaces as wood is a living, breathing material.

  • Insulation

    An important advantage of wood is its optimal sound and heat insulation. Solid wood in itself offers very good sound and heat insulation as it keeps the cold air outside and at the same time retains the warm air inside. At Pirnar, the wooden models are refined by the additional installation of various insulating materials.

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