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Contemporary wooden front doors

Wooden doors never go out of fashion. They are easy on the eye and combine traditional craftsmanship with natural materials and modern design. Our contemporary wooden front doors are high-end, luxurious entrances to your home. Use our configurator to fashion a design and style that suits your preferences best.


Why choose a contemporary wooden front door?

Wooden external doors used to be the standard front entrance to houses. Their smooth surfaces, warm wooden tones and distinctive texture turn your entrance into your home´s focal point and raise your house´s value significantly.

High-quality processed timber has excellent qualities as a material and will turn your front door into an experience rather than a necessity. At, we offer three different kinds of wood: an oak, larch and spruce.

Wooden contemporary external door from Pirnar

Wood options

Each wood species comes with its own properties and advantages. They can all be treated with oil and transparent stains to achieve the most suitable shade for your expectations. Our bespoke front doors can be tailored to your wishes to fit in with the rest of your house´s aesthetic.

Contemporary vs. traditional: Which style is right for you?

Your front door should match your personality and style. Yet, choosing a front door design may sometimes prove to be a challenge. Overall, your door should fit in with your home's exterior.

Traditional wooden doors

Traditional front doors are typically better suited for historic townhouses, Victorian villas or traditional cottages. Their raised panels, curved shapes and decorative furnishings fit well with the exterior of these architectural styles. Our traditional wooden doors are made of solid wood and combine timeless, classic knockers and sidelights with elegantly curved lines and ornate glazings.

Traditional wooden front doors

Contemporary wooden front doors

On the other hand, contemporary front doors have clear, straight lines, sleek surfaces, and simple designs. These doors work better with industrial or mid-century modern architecture but are equally convincing as the focal point of elegant bungalows. Our contemporary wooden front doors are state-of-the-art masterpieces and stand out from other aluminium front doors because of their unique texture and design. Ultimately, the decision is yours. Our configurator will help you try out different styles and combinations to find a classic or contemporary front door that fits you best!

Contemporary external doors made of wood


Design options for a long-lasting, stylish Pirnar door

There are no limitations when it comes to designing your front door. With the help of our configurator, you can equip your contemporary wooden front door with ambient lighting, hidden door handles or other exceptional furnishings. You can choose whether you fancy a side panel made of glass or other glazed elements in your door leaf.

Modern glass inserts
Modern glass inserts fit exceptionally well with larch or oak doors because they offer an elegant contrast to the prominent wooden texture. Glass allows natural sunlight to enter your hallway, making your entrance much more inviting. Using glazed elements in your external door is one of the many options you have when creating your front door. You can also decide on:

  • Door Handle
  • Locking mechanism
  • Fittings
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Lighting

Your external door should reflect your personal aesthetic. Whether you prefer modern glass elements or a solid oak door with glazed front doors with side panels – our growing collection of Pirnar front doors can help you create the perfect door that is right for you.

At, you decide what your bespoke front door should look like. From wood to glazed elements and door panels – we only manufacture the highest quality front doors while always striving to fulfil all customer´s expectations.

Contemporary doors with glass


Handcrafted contemporary
wooden front doors

Contemporary wooden front doors are unique natural products – no two doors are the same. However, you can easily match your external door with your internal doors by staying consistent with the chosen wood species. This will give your home and the entire building a sleek and coherent architectural style.

At, you decide what your bespoke front door should look like. From wood to glazed elements and door panels – we only manufacture the highest quality while always striving to fulfil all customer´s expectations.

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