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Transom windows above the doors and sidelights will make your home stand out

External lighting offers a series of advantages. Automatic door or yard lighting will increase comfort and security while substantially increasing a home’s aesthetic value.

Transom window above entry doors | PIRNAR

Today, endless possibilities exist when it comes to lighting up your home. Smart technologies improve the energy efficiency of your home since the lighting will only activate when needed. Modern lighting perfectly accompanies smart houses since it enables the optimum integration with digital virtual assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant. Did you know that playful lighting accessories can also make a lasting impression outside your house?

You can choose from a number of different lighting options. LED reflectors with sensors that’ll protect your home from unwanted visitors, multi-coloured decorative lighting, smart lighting that can be controlled via smartphone applications etc. You can decide to light up your yard, install a door with lighting elements or opt for a combination of both and really make your home stand out. 

The advantage of exterior lighting of your home

The main exterior lighting advantages:

  • Functionality
  • Security
  • Decoration

1. Functionality – comfortably enter your home even during night-time

When you arrive home in the evening or late at night, you’re often tired, so you want to slip into the safety of your home as soon as possible. Of course, rummaging through your pockets or purse, nervously searching for the lock, could even upset you. Do you really need to go through all the hassle? 

Make your life easier and save time by lighting up your yard or entrance. When you approach the entrance, the sensors will detect your presence and light up the entrance in line with your wishes. Or perhaps, you’d prefer elegant door lighting that will help you step inside your home quickly and unnoticed? Maybe you want to light up your yard more comprehensively to daringly communicate who you are, making your home stand out already from a distance? The possibilities are nearly endless.

Is it increased comfort when returning home late at night that you are after? If so, you’ll be inspired by the practical Theatrica entry wall, the recipient of a number of prestigious international design awards and the first smart entry wall in the world. This completely automatic entry door is operated completely without pull handles and has no hinges – because they’re simply not needed! That’s because Treatrica magically unlocks and opens only for the owner, entirely without touch.

Check out the wonderful Pirnar external door collections

2. Security – for a good night’s sleep

Alongside their practical value, what’s most important when it comes to entry doors is their primary function – they separate us from the outside world. They are the boundary between the outside and the intimacy of our homes, protecting us from external factors; they shield us from burglars as well as freezing cold or scorching heat. At family-owned Pirnar, we are extremely proud to have successfully designed the best insulated aluminium entry door in the world

How lighting impacts the home’s security

When selecting a new entry door, security should be one of the key factors. Indeed, comfort of use and aesthetics are important; however, security is what makes for a truly worry-free experience.

Yard sensor lighting prevents unwanted visitors from approaching your house undetected. Vandals, burglars and other unwanted visitors prefer to stay undetected, so including lighting in your yard is a sound decision. The more illuminated your entrance, the safer your home is.

Proper home lighting will also increase your safety when you walk around your house after dark, particularly if stairs, chairs, flora and other decorations are located nearby your entrance. In this case, lighting will gently lead you to the entrance and prevent any unwanted accidents.

In case the outside of your home is fitted with security cameras, proper lighting can also help increase video quality.

3. Decoration – playful lighting for a magical home

At Pirnar, we are aware that functionality and security alone don’t make for a perfect home. Instead, every element should also have a decorative function. And light is exactly what will distinguish your home’s exterior. Your home should be appreciated already at the door.

Playful lighting can astonish every visitors that approaches your home. Elegantly concealed handles, above-standard door dimension and magical lighting are masterpieces that will impress even the most demanding visitors.

Our large entry doors are truly majestic, while lighting will make them appear almost magical for a lasting first impression. Make your entry door the focal point of your home instead of just another piece of furniture.

OneTouch – Automatic personalized lighting

Does it feel that external lighting or buying an illuminated door will impact your home’s functionality? Well, then, it’s time you discover OneTouch, the most personalized entry door in the world. This revolutionary global innovation is the first system featuring an automatic pull handle and automatic personalized lighting available in the market. It includes a fingerprint reader, which makes the door’s operation seem almost magical.

Using the OneTouch entry door

  • After the owner uses the fingerprint reader, the handle elegantly and automatically extends.
  • Immediately, the surroundings elegantly light up while the door unlocks.
  • When safely inside, the door automatically locks and the handle retracts back into the door

Completely automatic personalized lighting will boost your comfort, increase the aesthetic value of your home and improve safety. OneTouch inspires with its clean lines and features the newest smart technology. OneTouch by Pirnar is the winner of two German Design Awards and the first representative of a new generation of smart entry doors. 

When to opt for entry doors with sidelights?

Of course, doors with integrated sidelights aren’t perfect for everybody. Perhaps you prefer the sense of durability that accompanies a door without sidelights. Or maybe, you’re the owner of a classic house and want a simple door without accessories. At Pirnar, we’ve got you covered.

We might be extremely proud of our award-winning innovations, but at the same time, we know that the classics will never go out of style. That’s why we’re happy to present to the public our Classico collection inspired by tradition.

Choosing the best entrance door accessories

Sidelights are only one of the accessories that you should consider before buying an entry door. What’s the best material? What style of door do I need – modern or traditional? Do you want a door that turns heads or instead something less noticeable? What are the best door dimensions for your house and how to know if your new door matches the surroundings?

Find your best external door through our configurator of entry doors. And don’t forget that entry doors tell a story. Think of yourself and the first impression that you want to make.

Try out our Pirnar doors in person

If you’re facing the dilemma of which door to choose or are simply looking for inspiration, we recommend you visit our showroom. There you’ll be able to explore the world of the most aesthetically pleasing, not to mention majestic doors. Visit us, see and feel the most exquisite Pirnar entrances in person. 

You can find our showrooms in London (Fleming Way, Isleworth), Luton (Union Street) or Birmingham (Stratford Road).

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