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Five Tips For A Quick Refreshment of Your Home

Do you find your house cold? Here is some help for you to warm your house.

In 5 steps to renovated and refreshed home | PIRNAR

1. Fast kitchen renovation

Outdated drawers and handles can make the kitchen look older and dated. Change the kitchen without remodeling the cabinets by simply replacing the handles and enjoy the updated look.

The white color of the cabinets makes the kitchen bright and spacious, but it can also look uninteresting and boring. Switch to the dark tones that can bring special warmth to the kitchen. Neutral shades are always a good choice. In combination with a colored refrigerator, they contribute to a creative look of the room.

The renovation of our kitchen can make us wish for vibrant and bold colors. If you want to use flashy colors, display your colorful little home appliances without any fear; they will come to life and give your kitchen a special character.

2. Changing the purpose of the attic

Attics are a challenge for every interior designer, but at the same time they offer us many opportunities to express ourselves and gain extra space.

Do you need space for a home office? Create a dynamic room under the sloping ceiling of your attic which will give you some independence and allow you to have your own peace and space.

Turn it into a bedroom. Soft gray walls combined with ambient illumination will give you a relaxed and restful sleep.

It can also become a children's play area. Bring in some cushions, a soft carpet and paint the walls in vibrant colors for kids to enjoy.

3. Changing the basement into a home oasis

An unfinished basement is like a blank slate that offers us endless possibilities.

Do you need a gym? Most unfinished basements have concrete floors. Bring in a foam rug and some fitness equipment and enjoy your home gym, no membership fee.

Build a workshop. Every DIY master needs a place for creation. Is there a better place than the basement?

Create an art studio. The great thing about an unfinished basement is that you do not have to pay attention to cleanliness or order. If the paint spills across the floor, it will only add charm to your dull basement.

4. Refresh or upgrade the entry door

Of course it is not necessary to limit yourself to the renovation of a house or an apartment only. Your entry doors deserve a refreshment, too, either by color, accessories or different types of glass that can be combined to give you unlimited combinations.

Many people think they will be trendy or different when they choose a specific color, but this can have the opposite effect. According to the designer Monique Tollgard, there are two types of entry doors: bold and cautious. The cautious entry door is not flashy, it is like a quiet doorkeeper in a very good suit, while a bold door brings out immediate emotions in your visitor.

We at PIRNAR can help you with this decision. If you think that your entrance needs a refreshment, browse our most prestigious collections or visit our showroom. Our loyal advisers are always there for you.

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