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Building a luxury smart home

All doubt has been cleared – smart technology is becoming easily accessible by the public.

How to build a luxury smart home? | PIRNAR

There is no doubt that smart home technology is becoming more and more accessible to the mass market. The days when safe, luxury technological home was affordable strictly to celebrities and those with unlimited resources, are long gone. Building a smart luxury home is thus growing increasingly popular among the general population and there is no better place to start than with face recognition doors. Learn all about this ground breaking technology and its benefits in the paragraphs below.

Smart home technologies – the luxury home of our future

Smart home technology (SHT), often referred to as home automation, uses various devices to provide home owners with greater security and unparalleled comfort. The very origins of smart home technologies date back to 1975, the year that marks the development of the first home automation network technology, X10. This remarkable achievement by Pipo Electronics not only paved the way for the astonishing future growth of SHTs but also realized a dream that science fiction has been predicting for several decades.

Some of the most commonly found examples of luxury home technologies include automated houseplant and lawn watering system, smart locks and openers, smart thermostats that allow remote control of your home's temperature, security cameras with smart motion sensors, smart light bulbs, and last but not least, facial recognition doors.

What are face recognition and fingerprint doors?

The very framework of every smart luxury home is defined by face recognition or fingerprint doors. These play an extremely important role when it comes to protecting your home and its residents. Whether you are someone that:

  • just wants to dip their toes into smart luxury homes to see if that’s something you might like


  • plans to integrate advanced smart technology into every room of your home,

face recognition doors are a fantastic way to start with the single most important aspect! Forget about the hectic search for your house keys, your children losing the house keys or worrying about the safety of your little ones.

Wondering how facial and fingerprint recognition doors actually work?

Fingerprint door locks grant access by scanning your unique fingerprint – they are the keys that you simply can’t lose! Fingerprints are a fantastic method of identification, thanks to them being exceptionally detailed. They offer fail-safe, non-intrusive method of identification that will secure your home beyond compare.

Another cutting-edge smart home technology is facial recognition. This technology has been designed to unlock the door within just 0.2 seconds, similarly to how the iPhone X uses facial recognition to unlock your phone screen. With the ability to register several dozens of faces and blacklist a non-authorised person attempting to open a smart door, facial recognition is the single most secure way of locking your home.

Pirnar – award-winning design and luxury exterior

Building a smart luxury home has certainly never been easier. Pirnar uses advanced facial recognition and fingerprint technology to bring you the cream of the crop – luxury smart home technology. Our award-winning doors ensure not only a significant increase in the value of your house, but also guarantee a stunning, masterpiece-like exterior that never fails to make an astonishingly luxurious first impression.

The Pirnar collection of face recognition doors is marked by meticulously hidden door handles, gentle entrance lighting and admirable exterior design that stretches far beyond expectations. The minimalist, handmade surfaces ensure the doors are customisable and fit beautifully into various architectural styles.

Still in doubt? Find the best reasons why you should invest in your front doors  from our Configurator or get in touch with our support team to get answers to any questions you might have. Remember - smart home technologies are the future of every home.

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