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A cherry on top of every entrance door – glass elements

An entrance door featuring glass elements is a real eye-catcher. As you stand closer, you’ll witness the artisanry woven into the fabric of a spectacular entry door.

Glass elements complement your entry door | PIRNAR

Glass on front doors is a fabulous material that people have long been using for decorative as well as practical purposes. Processing glass might be difficult; however, glass products always inspire with their shapes and the play of light they create. So you can rest assured that glass will continue to remain popular. Modern technology and traditional know-how on processing have today made glass an extremely functional and stunningly beautiful element in entrance doors. Before choosing the glass elements for your new entry door, don’t forget to consider some of its most important characteristics.

Function of glass elements in entrance doors


In order to introduce plenty of natural light into an apartment or house, trends dictate the installation of large glass elements. This applies also to entrance doors. Entry doors with glass elements illuminate hallways and entryways; while different materials may be used to regulate the supplied natural light. Modern glass elements introduce natural light from the outside while at the same time restricting unwanted views of passers-by. While others might be less illuminating, but instead create a play of light thanks to their structures and colours. The possibilities are endless.


Glass surfaces are associated with major thermal losses. That’s why it’s important to choose high-quality materials to minimize them. Triple or quadruple glazing made via state-of-the-art technological processes is the most reliable. Thermal insulation glass elements in doors will not overheat or let inside summer heat; while in winter, they’ll offer protection from extreme cold, helping you make substantial savings on your heating bill.


What environment do you live in? Do you want to hear birds chirp in the morning, or instead require an entry door that will protect you from the hustle and bustle of the city or the nearby railway? Noise insulation is another vital aspect when it comes to glass. So think carefully about what you need and let our experts help you make the best possible choice.


Exquisite reflective surfaces in your glass entrance door will without a doubt turn heads. But do you really want passers-by to be able to see inside of your home? When it comes to using glass in entry doors, you need to consider the level of privacy that you desire. You can choose completely transparent or satin glass, or even stained pattern glass. The size of the glass elements also requires your attention. Dimension them so that you will still feel safe and at the same time hidden from unwanted views.

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Glass is particularly sensitive to bending and major temperature changes. That’s why it’s important to temper glass to make it tougher and safer. Alongside tempered glass, the class of toughened safety glass also includes glass bricks and laminated glass. Laminated glass is made from two or more different layers of glass of varied thicknesses that are glued together. The role of the glue is to bind together any possible pieces in case the glass breaks. This is unlike tempered glass where glass, after breaking, will usually shatter into a thousand pieces, meaning that it will stop serving its protective function.


Glass is the complete package. It combines minimalism, elegance, romance, boldness and much more. Its uses are practically unrestricted since additional glass treatments can be used to create a series of desired effects. This includes sanding, glazing, engraving, staining and other processes that increase the value of the material. Pirnar entry doors feature transparent and satin glass, textured glass with various motifs, stained glass and specially treated dark, white or metallic-coloured glass. Particularly extravagant are pull handles with crystal glass details that light up once the door is unlocked.

Time to shine

If you want a completely glass entrance or just a tiny glass element in your solid door, glass is a truly wondrous material. Masterfully processed surfaces blend perfectly into aluminium and wood to create breath-taking portals into the privacy of your lives. Entry doors with glass elements instil a sense of extravagance into your home that will without a doubt turn heads. Choose your very own Pirnar entrance door with exquisite top quality elements

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